Sunday, February 7, 2010


After a lengthy NFL season and the political storms that never seem to stop (and never will) due to the divisive nature our country is in, heftyinfo is recharging and will be back (hopefully better than ever) sometime in the near future.
There is just too much going on right now personally in my field of work and the craziness that is the United States of America borders on a fictional novel these days.
Having come to this point is not real easy to say the least but, upon watching the Super Bowl with a few close friends this weekend, it is obvious that America is STILL ASLEEP (see picture at upper right) when it comes to real issues facing real people.
Why else would "working class" people, which comprise over 95 percent of this nation, side with the nonsense they hear on the Fox Network and elsewhere?
These people DO NOT realize they are cutting their own throats (figuratively speaking) by aimlessly following their "masters" to their own slaughter, just like the sheep they are.
What a pity.
As the issues continue to mount (and they are many)... many blog sites and cable TV news shows will continue to monitor the events and heftyinfo will take note.
As a "working class" person (we also used to be called middle class, remember that?) it is sad to see the corporate take over of this country we (still) call the United States of America.
Kudos to Thom Hartmann, a syndicated radio talk show host (WCPT radio in Chicago) out of the Portland, Oregon area for telling it like it is.
Like political talker Ed Schultz (MSNBC), this man challenges ALL political figures, including President Obama for not doing their jobs.
What would happen to all the sheep if Fox "News" decided to suddenly get out of the lock step they are in with the right and actually grow a pair of balls and challenge these people for all the screw ups they made over the years that have helped create the current mess this country is facing?
In the meantime, observation will be the norm and the people and their blogs and websites will continue to be followed on a regular basis.
Work is still busy (for now) and a person has to make their living.

So long for now...

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