Monday, February 14, 2011

Obama bowing to the corporate powers again

This will be short and sweet.
President Obama ... what the hell are you doing?
The people of this country put you in office for change, not the bowing down to the corporate special interests you are once again displaying with the annual budget put out this week.
Once again, the corporations win out and the GOP and the "right" are still bitching about the budget the Obama Administration put out.
Obama already caved and allowed the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest people to continue and also slashed funding for Social Security.
FDR is rolling over in his grave.
If this continues, this Obama supporter (and I literally knocked on doors and made phone calls in '08 for Obama & Biden) is done.
No votes here for the GOP of course in 2012, but Obama is really looking weak-kneed and has to get back to his base if he is to be taken seriously in 2012, otherwise expect more of the same crap we saw at the polls in 2010.
Snap out of it Obama!

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  1. I am feeling the same way Jim. Very disappointed in the way things are going.