Friday, February 25, 2011

We The People!

Back to writing.
This blogger has been posting a lot of videos lately to emphasize and re-emphasize the point that We The People must stand up to the corporate tyranny being displayed across our nation.
Just look at the tragic actions taking place in Wisconsin as their wannabe dictator who calls himself governor is trying to bust up unions and stick it to the working men and women of that great state once again.
President Obama exclaimed that two and a half years ago at his acceptance speech in Denver, CO at the Democratic National Convention.
That is what We The People must do.
Exclaim "Enough!"
I know many people who are teachers, nurses, policemen, fire fighters, and any other public sector worker you care to list.
WE are the United States of America... NOT THE CORPORATIONS.
Corporations (and most politicians who lick their boots, especially Republicans) do not give a hoot about the United States of America.
They worship the almighty dollar and the rest of the people be damned.
My point is this is OUR COUNTRY and We The People have to take it back.
That is why I will be attending a rally in Chicago on Saturday to support the good working men and women of America's Unions.
These bastards can't take away anyone's rights and they need to be told they cannot do this.
Who's with me?
If you truly love this country and are sick and tired of all the madness that has been taking place in the past two years with the teabaggers (those silly corporate puppets) and birthers, etc., then you need to take a stand and show support for the Middle Class of this country.
This is America, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
Don't give up the fight and fight the corporate powers.
God Bless America!


  1. I'm with you brother. Let's fight the power!

  2. Lots of emotion there. I don't agree with any of it, I'm your exact opposite, but I respect your right to speak your mind.