Sunday, February 13, 2011

Problems Abound ... Ya' Think?

Ya' think?

When politicians become puppets for the corporate powers and ignore the needs of the people that elected them ... that's a problem.

The emphasis of Super Bowl Sunday (and there are too many examples to mention) is more on the TV commercials and outside activity than the game itself ... there's something wrong there.

The media concentrates more on Egypt's recent situation than they do on the problems plaguing Americans every day in this country by not reporting on them ... that's a problem.

The United States Supreme Court can seat judges that rule in favor of corporate powers and can have conflicting interests (see Clarence Thomas) as they rule on things their spouses have a role in ... there's something definitely wrong there.

More people in the United States vote on topics such as American Idol or Dancing With the Stars than actually go out and vote in political elections ... that's really a problem.

Politics is completely ruled by money (and with money comes power and usually corruption) and the one with the most cash wins the election ... that's a problem.

People begin to turn their backs on one another in times of economic crisis ... there's something wrong there.

School shootings become "routine" stories on the news cast ... that's a HUGE problem.

The gap between the "haves" and "have nots" continues to widen at an alarming rate and nobody seems to care ... that's a problem.

People continue to root for the failure of the United States (see Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the GOP, etc.) because they don't control the White House ... there's something un-American and definitely something wrong with that.

People's sense of what really matters most hinges on what the latest news poll trends are ... that's a problem.

The fact that the Chicago Cubs actually believe they can win this year's World Series ...

Ya' think?

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  1. Hey You are right the one with the most money has inside track to office. Take a look at Chicago mayor race. Rahm has money and lots of influence. That apple dosent fall far from the tree. The fate of most americans is made behind some closed doors with the mighty pen. No matter who is signing theres a gravy train,and whos going to pay it aint the ones sitting around that table. Its us. B.G also dont most cub fans believe its there year.