Thursday, November 24, 2011

2011 Turkey Awards

In politics, there are so many Turkey Awards to give out this Thanksgiving, but it will be limited to just a few along with a few sports turkey awards as well.


Mitch McConnell (R), U.S. Senate Minority Leader ... this turtle face sour puss boring as watching paint dry on the wall doofus has no clue as to what the American people really want. All he knows how to say is No! and he vowed in 2009 right after President Obama took the oath of office that the Republicans' agenda is to make Obama a one-term President.

Scott Walker (R) Wisconsin governor ... This guy reeks of corporate corruption with his Koch Bros. agenda he undertook last winter by trying to doop the people of Wisconsin and institute anti-Union labor laws. Hell, even the Green Bay Packers disapprove of what this guy is doing. RECALL!

John Boehner (R) Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives ... This guy, like McConnell in the Senate, has absolutely NO CLUE what the American people want and that is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.
He, along with Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader need to get tossed out on their asses next election.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) ... This guy reeks of corporatist mentality and is anti-Union on top of it. In Chicago, anti-Union? Seriously?
The people of Chicago got hosed big time by the PR machine (known as the corporate media) and put this clown in office. Man, will they be sorry during the next four years.

In SPORTS, Penn State football program AND former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky ... Raping little boys in the showers at the school's locker room/football facilities? Horrible!

The NBA  ... For the continued lockout. While millions of Americans are unemployed and in some cases starving, these guys (in particular the owners for causing this by LOCKING OUT the players) argue over millions of dollars for playing a game.

And finally, the two idiots known as Mark Wickard and Mark Kerr  take the whole Thanksgiving Dinner, including the pumpkin pie dessert for this insanity they posted on Facebook in January following the shooting incident in Arizona that nearly killed Gabrielle Giffords (D), a U.S.House representative.
These two guys are pathetic!


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