Saturday, November 26, 2011

NFL Analysis - NFC

With the 2011 NFL season now heading into the final six games of the season, let's take a look at the NFC teams with playoff possibilities as well as those who will be heading home come January 1, 2012.


Dallas Cowboys - Traditionally, quarterback Tony Romo and the 'Boys  roll through November and then collapse in December... so why should this season be any different? This time around, it will depend on the defense.
Playoffs or not? YES

New York Giants - Absolute killer schedule down the stretch will either make or break the Giants this year.
Playoffs or not? NO

Philadelphia Eagles - This season has been a disaster for the Eagles. Will Michael Vick play in the month of December?
Playoffs or not? NO

Washington Redskins - Too many holes in this team. The Redskins will once again look to play the spoiler role in the month of December.


Green Bay Packers - Right now, only they can stop themselves from winning a second straight Super Bowl title.
Playoffs or not? YES

Chicago Bears - No Jay Cutler? No problem, according to Head Coach Lovie Smith. The schedule down the stretch is favorable for the Bears ... we shall see.
Playoffs or not? YES

Detroit Lions - An 8-8 finish was predicted right here in August for the Lions... it may still happen. If the Lions can go 9-7 or 10-6, that could get them a wild card spot in the playoffs.
Playoffs or not? NO

Minnesota Vikings - Back up the U-Hauls.


New Orleans Saints - Their December 26 Monday Night showdown (at home) with Atlanta will decide the division winner.
Playoffs or not? YES

Atlanta Falcons - This team seems to be hitting it's stride at just the right time. Just do not go for it on fourth down at your own 29-yard line in overtime anymore, Mike Smith.
Playoffs or not? YES

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bucs should finish .500 by season's end. Let's face it, they were OVER ACHIEVERS last season.
Playoffs or not? NO

Carolina  Panthers - Quarterback Cam Newton is in the stretch run in his battle against Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton for the Rookie of the Year Award.


San Francisco 49ers - Bring on the playoffs.
Playoffs or not? YES

Seattle Seahawks - Just playing out the string.

Arizona Cardinals - Just playing out the string.

St. Louis Rams - See above.

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