Monday, May 7, 2012


What is wrong with the American people?

Unless the latest Gallup poll regarding the 2012 Presidential election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the assumed nominee for the Republican party, is way off, how in the hell is Obama only two points (47% to 45%) ahead of Romney?

That is ridiculous.

The election is still five months away but the fact this national poll states that the American people are that inept doesn't speak well about our country at all.

Romney cannot be trusted with the economy, yet he holds an advantage of 12 points over Obama?

C'mon people ... WAKE UP!

Stop being bamboozled by the right wing noise machine, headed by Karl Rove; the Koch Brothers funding via the Supreme Court's INSANE decision on the "Citizens (corporations really) United" case two years ago.

How do people trust Romney with the economy over Obama?

Check your history folks ... Romney and his cronies continuously outsourced jobs from Americans and sent them to countries overseas via Bain Capital by shuttering down the places where AMERICANS held those jobs.
Romney and company  GAVE THEM AWAY to foreign countries for their own personal gain.

That is the way Romney rolls... 

So, what makes people think his policies (as POTUS no less) will help the U.S. economy when all that will happen is more people will be jobless or else working for much, much less money than they were making when they had a real paying job prior to the VULTURE capitalists (SUCH AS ROMNEY) taking them away and sending them overseas for their own greed.


 Look it up.

Romney is a complete idiot and has no business running for President of the United States...and why should he run?

Think about it... here is a guy whose personal wealth is in the hundreds of MILLIONS and he wants a job that pays about $400,000 annually?

Get real!

This guy is corrupt as they come and any American in the 99 percent who votes for Mitt Romney is a complete idiot.


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