Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Well Said

President Barack Obama laid down the gamut regarding the Afghanistan situation, where our U.S. troops have been for ten years.
Obama said that the troops will remain in a joint effort with the Afghan government until 2024, but that we as a nation are on target as scheduled.
It's really simple ... there are numerous problems right here in  the United States (as Obama mentioned in his address from Afghanistan) and congressional lawmakers need to focus there.
The problem is the republicans in Congress continue to obstruct the president as well as the Koch brothers and the super PACs, led by Karl Rove, continuing to fund the extreme right wing agenda as they are hell bent on taking this country backwards while also destroying the middle class and kissing the asses of the top one percent wage earners.
However, the Obama Administration is having none of it and has fought back continually as the campaign starts to get revved up.
Osama Bin Laden was killed last year (one year ago today in fact) by the Navy Seal Team Six in Pakistan and it was President Obama who made the call and ordered the mission to take out the world's leading terrorist.
Above it all regarding the republicans, they know they no longer have their bogeyman in Bin Laden to scare the hell out of uninformed American voters.
That is the bottom line for the GOP and they know it.
They have no more "aces in the hole," and they are jealous of the president.
The Obama Administration delivered on the promise to take Osama Bin Laden out if given the opportunity and that is the fact.
Well said ... and enough said.

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