Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just wondering

I was just wondering...

Why is it that the baseball players being questioned about steroid use in 2005 at the Senate committee had to testify under oath BUT the CEO's of the major OIL companies did not have to take an oath when they testified about potential price gouging and the like before a Senate committee?

Why is it that we give MOM flowers and/or candy for Mother's Day BUT Dad gets a bad tie (or something else lame) for Father's Day?

Why is it that ESPN comes down on the ball players involved in the steroids scandal, BUT yet every baseball season, ESPN televises the Home Run Derby... the epitomy of the steroid era. Remember the shows McGwire and Sosa put on during the All-Star festivities?

Why is it that Republicans in Congress never bitched about spending during the Bush-CHENEY administration, BUT they now are loudly complaining about spending by the Obama administration?

Why is it that the mainstream media keeps on and on and on about David Letterman's comments regarding Sarah Palin's daughters BUT when an under aged Britney Spears was undulating in skimpy outfits for music videos, that's perfectly acceptable?

Why is it that Iran's election results are perfectly acceptable to people in power here in the United States BUT in 2000 when we had a controversial election that was "settled" in a disputed manner, there wasn't a whole lot of fuss about it by the powers that be?

Why is it that mainstream media people deny the existence of "people of influence" behind the scenes in our government BUT yet they show up at meetings involving both high powered bankers, executives and political leaders from around the world and mention none of it to the American people?

Why is it that hockey players can be arrested for fighting during a game BUT yet Ultimate Fighting dudes are far more aggressive in the circle, not to mention dirtier, yet they never are threatened with arrest?

Why is it that even with a HUGE majority in both the Senate and House of Representatives and having the President of the United States, the Democrats are still fearful of the Republicans, BUT when the GOP controlled both chambers of Congress and occupied the White House, they basically said the hell with the Democrats, we are doing what we want?

Why is it that Wall Street, for all of it's own stupidity, gets a bailout from the government BUT yet General Motors, for it's equally stupid moves over the years, gets hung out to dry?

Why is it that the people deciding how to reform Health Care in the United States, are saying single-payer/public options are off the table BUT yet they are taking money from the insurance companies and big pharma?

One simple phrase for all of this ... WTF?!!!

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  1. Excellent questions. Wow I am impressed-you really nailed it. Great post. Some day I would like to do a shout out to your blog on one of my posts. Would you mind? I think you have great material. If it is okay with you let me know when. You can comment or email me. My email is on my profile.