Sunday, June 28, 2009


With the Cubs and White Sox wrapping up their weekend series at U.S. Cellular Field this weekend, it's time to take a look back at some of the players from the North and South sides from the '70's... back when both teams could only dream of being serious contenders for the World Series.


  1. Let's see how many I know...Bill Veck, Ron Santo (why can't he get in the hall of fame?),Fergie and Ernie, the Reuschel brothers, Herman Franks of course (never could manage), Bruce Sutter, Jose Cardenal, Steve Stone (what a great guy), Chet Lemon, Don Kessinger, Leo Durocher, Rick Monday. Not all but quite a few.

    My favorite Cub team was the 1985 Cubs. Ryne and Jody, and Rick and Lee, and Leon and Keith ..... I could go on. I miss them all.

    What a great sport.

  2. Who could forget the infamous Carmen Fanzone, who
    once performed the National Anthem before the game on his trumpet?
    Others include Ralph Garr, Chet Lemon, Billy Williams, Wilbur Wood, Eric Soderholm, Oscar Gamble, though I could not locate Jerry Morales, George Mitterwald, Steve Swisher or Steve Ontiveros for this one. Oh well... thanks for the memories. The '70's were not fruitful for Chicago baseball, but they certainly were entertaining.