Monday, September 7, 2009

Double standards are alive and well in America

There seems to be a double standard and the complacent, corporate boot-licking main stream media just continues to go along for the ride because they have to.
Van Jones, an adviser to President Barack Obama, recently resigned from his position after it was revealed (by Fox "News" Channel) that he signed a 9/11 truth petition in 2004 and had called Republicans "assholes" at a town hall style meeting.
Granted, not the wisest of choices by Jones. However, there is definitely a double standard when it comes to these types of political controversies.
When the birther movement got going a few months back, many Republican politicians (I won't list names because there were so many that it would start to resemble a phone book directory if ALL the names were listed) jumped on board and showed their support for the nut jobs on the right.
There was not a huge outcry or media coverage (especially not by Fox) on this and I don't recall a single Republican political figure (Senator, House Representative or behind the scenes staff supporter) having to resign over this zaniness.
Point is the media is corporate controlled and with few exceptions (MSNBC with Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow and sometimes Chris Matthews are examples) do they go after the GOP and the right wing.
Fox kisses their asses and vice versa because Rupert Murdoch is in control there and no one dares to tell the Fox czar what to do.
Hell, he still has Glenn Beck on the payroll even when nearly 70 (that's 7-0) corporate sponsors have dropped Beck's program because of his remark in calling Barack Obama a racist.
At least they had the gumption to do that, but Beck still has not resigned or been fired by the Fox network and probably won't be any time soon.
That is alright though because Keith Olbermann has him in the cross hairs on "Countdown" on MSNBC and will continue to bombard the nut case regularly.
In addition, "stopbeck" and "Fox News Boycott", two efforts that are regulars on the net (via Twitter and websites) continue their crusades against Beck and have shown success as the groundswell continues and the advertisers also continue to flee away from Beck.
Some more examples of the hypocrisy of Jones resigning are David Vitter (Republican Senator from Louisiana) who is still in Congress after having an extra-marital affair. Republican Governor Mark Sanford from South Carolina still resides in his mansion as the leader of the southern state. He also had a highly publicized extra-marital affair. GOP Senator John Ensign from Nevada is another one still in office after cheating on his wife.
He, along with Newt Gingrich (another hypocrite on which an entire book could be written about his political exploits) and numerous Republicans lambasted former President Bill Clinton for his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.
Remember that?
Again, there were so many GOP representatives who came out in support of the birther movement and none of them has resigned over these "extremist" ideas like Jones was forced to do after his "extremist" actions were brought to light.
Republican House Representative Michelle Bachmann from Minneosta, the right wing nut job who rose to prominence (but not in a good way) following an interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Hardball last year during which she called for an investigation of Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama, for being "un-American" for their political views, is another example.
This woman is right there with the woman formerly known as the Governor of Alaska when it comes to political lunacy. This woman is batshit crazy and there she is still residing in the House of Representatives as the new session begins this week.
The mainstream media in this country needs to grow a pair and get after these radical right wing nut jobs the way they attack the left when it comes to outcries over political controversy.
That will only happen when Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O' Reilly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Beck and even CNN (they tend to lean right these days as well) get on the case.
In other words, do not hold your breath.
The Fairness Doctrine needs to be brought back into light and Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) in the past has mentioned bringing this to the Senate floor.
Former President Ronald Reagan deregulated the FCC in the mid 1980's and shortly there after, the Fox Network came into being, followed a decade later by Fox "News" Channel courtesy of Australian born Rupert Murdoch. Oh yeah, guess who else started slithering onto the scene just after the FCC was deregulated by Reagan.
Rush Limbaugh.
So is it any surprise there is a double standard these days as these forces continued to mount while Americans "slept" on this development over the past 25 years?
The best thing that can happen is for Americans to take action like "stopbeck" and "Fox News Boycott" and rise up and counter these people and their cause.
After all, Limbaugh said it himself "I hope (President) Barack Obama fails."
If that happens, the United States of America also fails.

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