Sunday, September 6, 2009


Normally, something as goofy as this inane charge by the right wing against President Barack Obama wouldn't even merit a response.
However, there is a personal story with memories that are recalled as this post is issued at this site.
How in the hell do these bozo's (and that is what these people are) come up with the idea that Obama is going to "brainwash" their children because of a speech he gives to them?
This country of ours is bordering on insanity.
Here you have the radical right wing stirring up controversy where there is none and the corporate boot-licking press lapping it up like the bottom of a thick milk shake on a hot summer evening.
Now realize that Congress has been out of session for about five weeks now so that may account for the attention this crap has been getting.
In other words, a slooooooow news day!
Now to the personal story...
When I was a young boy (age nine years old) then Vice President of the United States Gerald Ford came to my hometown to deliver a speech and award a student/athlete with a medal of some sort at the local high school.
Keep in mind now that President Richard M. Nixon's first VP, Spiro T. Agnew had resigned in disgrace and so Ford was appointed to the position of Vice President.
Ford came with a motorcade through the town and thousands of people (including students from all the local schools) lined the streets to welcome him.
This was 35 years ago (only six months before Nixon himself would also have to resign) and there was no outcry that the Nixon Administration was trying to push their agenda by having Ford do the parade and speech at a local high school.
Now back to the present day...
Rush Limbaugh stated that he hopes the President of the United States fails.
Why? Because he is a Democrat? Perhaps.
But the real reason lies deep within Limbaugh's brain.
Unfortunately, he is the leader of the right wing and the venom that he, along with Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and any other "right wing conservative" talking head you care to name, spews forth on a daily basis for some unknown reason has impact on people.
Having recently read a newspaper commentary by Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun Times, it became apparent that children do reflect what they hear from their parents. That explains a lot of the hatred being directed toward President Obama by the right wing radicals.
There is a good quote from a Clint Eastwood movie (High Plains Drifter) in which a woman tells Eastwood's character "You're a man who makes people afraid and that's dangerous."
To which Eastwood's character replies "No ma'am, it's what people know about themselves inside that makes them afraid."
How true that is.
That explains a lot about human nature and how these people are letting their racial phobias dictate to their children regarding the President of the United States.
It is an honor to have the President address a student body and for these people to allow themselves to be manipulated by self-loathing, hateful people that permeate the television and radio airwaves is disgusting.
What kind of message is this sending to the youth who will someday be making the same decisions not only as public officials, but also regarding their own children.
The people responsible for the message based on hate and fear continue to do their dirty work and laugh all the way to the bank at the expense of the tax-paying American citizens.
Hate and Fear.
A very primitive, yet effective means of undermining the country we live in.
This madness has to stop if we as a nation are going to move forward from the struggles that have been taking place ideologically for the past half century.
Perhaps that can happen someday, but one would have to be naive to actually believe that will happen.
Hatred is a deep rooted personal problem that has great repercussions on people's lives.
When it is exemplified the way it has been so far in the Obama Presidential term, one has to wonder what lies ahead for the United States of America.
God only knows.
One thing for sure... this madness has to stop.


  1. I am totally appalled at the stuff I have seen on TV. I still can't believe this is happening. How did it get so out of control? Even my small town had a tea party rally. I am disgusted.

    I know there is a party divide causing a lot of it, but I think some of it stems from the president's race. This lunacy tea party and health reform opposition is an excuse for the radical racial hate mongers to get out among the crowds and spew their message.

    It is time for the Democratic leaders to step up to the plate and get a backbone. They need to quit worrying about their own hides and re-election chances and support out president. President Obama needs to step up also. He has pussy-footed around too long. I hope his speech this week sets things straight.

    As far as the student speech, I can't imagine any parent not encouraging a child to listen to the president. All I can say is that they are idiots. I want to tell them to move. Leave the USA - go find a better country to live in. I bet they would be back real soon.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. What an excellent post.

    The whole situation reminds me of the days when women were first admitted to West Point. They were ridiculed, harrassed, feared, hated and sometimes abused. But some of them stuck it out. And now, the idea of women serving alongside men is no longer a strange, radical idea.

    I hate to see what's going on in our country. I hope we can all manage to rise above it eventually. It's a shame that Obama has to endure the name calling and thinly disguised racism that is going on. But I have a feeling he knew it would come. I applaud him for breaking the barriers he has already broken. I hope he survives (politically and literally) to break many more.