Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Decide for yourself, who is the real bozo?

In case you are wondering, the guy in the bottom photo in the suit is Representative Joe Wilson, a Republican from the 2nd District of South Carolina, who was the idiot that yelled "You Lie!" at President Obama during the President's speech.
He must have thought he was at a Town Hall Meeting or something.
Wilson later apologized for the remarks but, he and fellow members of Congress knew the content of the speech ahead of time, and really he had no choice if he wants to remain in national politics.

So, with that being said, feel free to blast away at this true clown...

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  1. The Republicans really made fools of themselves, waving their papers and playing with their Blackberries. You're right though, this guy was the worst! What's up with these politicians from South Carolina?? They need to get rid of em and elect Stephen Colbert!! LOL