Wednesday, September 9, 2009


President Barack Obama is back!
Was there ever any doubt?
The way the mainstream media made things sound in recent weeks, one would have thought that Obama was dead in the water when it came to health care reform.
But one speech changed it all.
The President mentioned the public option once again regarding the health care debate and a bill is once again on track for future passage in the Congress.
This was the Barack Obama that voters came to know and applaud last year on the campaign trail as he made history.
Looking back at things, this was par for the course for the Obama Administration. Just when things looked at their worse for the health care bill, Obama slammed the opposition and the obstructionists with his rhetoric, including calling out the parties spreading the lies about the health care bill being formed in Congress.
The President reached out once more to the Republicans, even naming John McCain and an idea that he liked that McCain had talked about on the campaign trail last year.
The bottom line in all of this is Barack Obama rose up and delivered just as he did a year ago even as the naysayers and the "town hall protesters" are ready to go for the throat (not literally) on this issue.
The future is now for health care reform and as President Obama said, "The time for games is over."
The Republicans have NO ideas for reform nor do they want to have health care reform.
Forget the GOP.
The train is now rolling and the Democrats are on board, that is if they are true Democrats, to get this reform done.
Obama himself said that when he signs this bill, "pre-existing" conditions will be against the law as will people being "dropped" or canceled by insurers just because they have a claim for their illnesses.
"I am not the first President to take on this cause," Obama stated. "But I am determined to be the last."
Go Obama Go.
Like it or not (and yours truly stated this on August 4, 2009) health care reform will pass this year.
God Bless America!


  1. It was an excellent speech. I was so proud of our president and I loved the way he put the GOP back on their heels. He went to his base to get support and he nailed it. I am glad he is back on track.

  2. Yes, he hit all the right notes, and hit them with force. Now we will see what his troops are doing behind the scene.

  3. I hope you're right. I loved the speech, but honestly I have my doubts. I'll be posting about it soon.