Friday, October 30, 2009


Brett Favre!
The man, the quarterback, the legend...
Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin will be rocking big time on Sunday afternoon as the Minnesota Vikings play the Green Bay Packers for the second time in a month.
Last month, on a Monday night in Minneapolis, the Vikings, led by former Packer Favre, beat their hated rival 30-23 in the highest rated Monday Night Football game ever!
Think about that for a minute. The Packers and Vikings played on Monday Night Football, which has been a staple of the NFL for 40 years now and this one game with Favre facing his old team for the first time was THE highest rated Monday night game ever.
So what should football fans expect on Sunday afternoon in Cheeseland?
You know Favre will be cranked up and ready to make it two in a row over Green Bay, but the Pack will have other ideas as they do not want to see number four in purple come into their place and walk away with a win. After all, the Vikings lead the NFC North with a 6-1 record and the Packers (4-2) cannot afford to fall any further behind the Vikings.
The Packers are a three-point favorite because of "home field" advantage. However, look for Favre to find a way to pull this one out on national television once again.
The guy has a flare for the dramatic and the perfect scenario would have the Packers leading by six points (say 27-21) with two minutes and change remaining in the game.
That's when Favre goes to work with the crowd going nuts and Favre calling out the signals and driving his troops down the field as the clock ticks down... the Vikings have just one timeout remaining after Favre hits Percy Harvin for a 32-yard gain to get things moving to the Green Bay 48-yard line.
Two Minute Warning!
Knowing the Vikings need a touchdown, the Packers unleash the blitz and number four is dropped for a seven yard loss back at his own 45.
Second and 17 yards to go and then A.J. Hawk, Green Bay's stud linebacker has one in his hands for a sure interception but cannot hang on and it's now third and 17 for Minnesota.
Favre is flushed out of the pocket on third down and throws a short pass to running back Adrian Peterson, who scoots for a 12-yard gain before being pushed out of bounds at the Packers 43-yard line with 1:24 to play.
Fourth down and five for Minnesota and Green Bay again brings the blitz, but this time it's picked up and Favre hits tight end Vinsanthe Shiancoe for a 6-yard gain to keep the drive alive.
Favre spikes the ball to stop the clock with 1:02 to go... second and ten and a draw play gains five as Peterson is tackled in the middle of the field... Time Out Minnesota!
Third and five for Favre and company from the Packers' 32 with 38 ticks remaining.
An out route to Percy Harvin for a 16-yard gain to the Green Bay 16-yard line with 29 seconds left... the crowd is not as noisy now, but the Packers defense urges them on and they begin to respond as the Packers break the huddle and Favre calls the signals... incomplete pass ... another incompletion... third down and ten with 17 seconds left.
Favre is being chased and lets a pass go to the goal line which is batted up in the air and hauled down at the one-yard line by wide receiver Sidney Rice. The Vikings line up and quickly spike the ball to kill the clock with six seconds left and the ball just inside the Green Bay one-yard line.
Everyone in Lambeau is expecting Peterson to get the ball as the Vikings come to the line of scrimmage.
Favre checks things over as he barks the signals and when the ball is snapped, it is number four lunging forward over his line and sneaking it in for the touchdown with two seconds left.
The extra point is good and Minnesota wins a nail biter 28-27 as Favre does it yet again.

As for the rest of the action in the NFL this Sunday... stay tuned and here goes nothing (again) as the winners are selected for Week Eight ...

(HOME teams are listed in BOLD)

Detroit over St. Louis
NY Jets over Miami
Chicago over Cleveland
Dallas over Seattle
Denver over Baltimore
Indianapolis over San Francisco
Philadelphia over NY Giants
Buffalo over Houston
San Diego over Oakland
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Minnesota over Green Bay
Arizona over Carolina
New Orleans over Atlanta

Last Week's record: 8-5 SEASON RECORD: 66-37


  1. Please say it ain't so. NO NO NO. I want the Monday headlines to read Favre is booed and heads back to Minnesota with a deflated ego as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers rally to hand the Vikings an overwhelming defeat. Go home old man!

    The Bears better beat the 1-6 Browns or else there is going to be petitions for a new coach and I will be leading the way.

  2. Yes Rae, always good hear from you on the football picks... Green Bay may very well beat the Vikings. And you are correct, the Bears had better win AT HOME against Cleveland.

  3. Jim, man that was a good game, I think I'll still watch it live though. Hey, you picked da saints, cool,
    Thanks for stoppin by, I love your site.

  4. Giants will win Miami will beat the Jets