Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is the NFL?

If there is anyone out there who can figure out the NFL, then they should be a billionaire because quite simply, there is NO rhyme or reason to what has been happening early in this 2009 season.
Somebody explain how in the world the Denver Broncos are 4-0 and the Cincinnati Bengals are tied for first place at 3-1 in the AFC North.
Go figure!

There's a more common expression for this ... WTF!?

In watching the action this past weekend, one has to wonder what Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, is doing. The "wonder kid" from the past three years is a shell of his former self as the Cowboys continue to struggle in the first four games of the season.
Any more of that and they can kiss 2009 post-season hopes goodbye because they are trailing the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants in the NFC East and both of those teams are considered as big time favorites to reach the Super Bowl.
How does one explain Dallas storming out against Denver 10-0 after the first quarter and then wind up losing the game, 17-10? The Broncos are the worst 4-0 team in many years and if they make the playoffs, then all odds makers need to seek a new profession because there is no explanation for that.
Soft schedule or not, Denver is NOT that good.
After witnessing Miami and Atlanta stage huge turnarounds a year ago to make the playoffs, it just goes to show how watered down the NFL has become when teams like Denver and Cincinnati are atop their divisions.
Another surprise on the other end is the Tennessee Titans at 0-4 after losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars, 37-17. That is just sick as the team with the best record in the regular season a year ago is now winless and pretty much out of the playoff picture as they face a first place schedule the rest of the way in 2009.
The Chicago Bears are 3-1 and very easily could be 4-0 had it not been for late game heroics by Aaron Rodgers in Week One when the Green Bay Packers rallied to defeat the Bears.
The Packers will have their work cut out for them at Minnesota on MNF in Week Four and they also are in a bit of "must win" if they do not want to fall two games back in the rugged NFC North where Minnesota and Chicago reside.
This blog picked the Pittsburgh Steelers to defeat San Diego in Week Four simply because they are a desperate team needing to win to stay in contention in the AFC North, which has Baltimore and the upstart Cincinnati Bengals leading the way at the quarter mark.
Where has this Steelers' team been the first three weeks of the 2009 season after narrowly beating Tennessee in the opener before blowing fourth quarter leads and losing to Chicago and Cincinnati?
Once again, the statement... Go figure!
The Steelers dominated San Diego, at least for nearly three quarters before the Bolts made a game of it before losing. Both are considered to be serious contenders for the Super Bowl by the "experts" in 2009, and every season a team is going to have games like that as they also will be dominated at least once or twice in a 16-game schedule. It's the rule of averages and all things being equal.
One other note of interest, do not write off the Indianapolis Colts (4-0) as they once again dominated their opponent en route to an easy 34-17 win over Seattle. Peyton Manning looks like his usual All-Pro self again this season, leading the AFC in passing as the Colts, written off by many "experts", have once again reclaimed the top spot in The AFC South.
Likewise, the New Orleans Saints are 4-0 behind the stellar quarterback play from Drew Brees and a surprisingly solid defense, which has been the sore spot for the Saints in the past.
During the next three months, a lot will unfold in the NFL, including pretenders (Denver and Cincinnati come to mind immediately) falling off and disappearing while the expected contenders rise to the top and reach the post-season.
We will see what develops as the season continues to heat up.
One thing for sure, expect the unexpected... that seems to be the case more and more each season in the unpredictable world of professional football.
But hey, that's why we love the sport and it's also why they play the games.
We will do this again in December and by then, look for more familiar faces at the top of the standings around the NFL... you read it here first.

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  1. Well I sure can't figure out the NFL! My favorite teams suck this year. The winless Rams play MN next week. Even though it's at home, you know it's going to be shameful for St.Louis! It's still early, so maybe we can figure out the NFL later on (closer to the Super Bowl) LOL!

    For now -- Go Bears!