Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rush sacked by NFL

The National Football League announced on Wednesday afternoon that a group bidding to buy the St. Louis Rams has dropped conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh from the group, as a result of outrage from fans, players and many people on the blogosphere as well as in mainstream media.
The controversial Limbaugh, who six years ago was sacked by sports television giant ESPN after only a few weeks on the NFL Sunday Countdown show for making racist remarks regarding Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, has long been a lightning rod of controversy among millions of people.
When Limbaugh was with ESPN in 2003, he said the NFL was promoting quarterbacks like McNabb in order to help them succeed because McNabb is a black quarterback. That comment landed him in hot water and he never recovered from that one as he was bounced from the Sunday morning sports gabfest promptly when the outrage was voiced by millions of people.
When you think about it, the reality is we live in a different time and era from the past where the racist comments (and jokes) were met with a "wink, wink-nudge, nudge" mentality among people.
There is and never has been room for tolerance of any sort for that way of thinking.
Racism, in all forms, is just plain wrong.
Limbaugh is now being bitten in his fat ass by his own words and he has nobody to blame but himself for this latest episode.
As expected, Limbaugh is painting himself as the victim in this one and has been whining, even before the announcement today, to his radio audience that he's being portrayed as a racist and a bad guy.
You betcha Rush!
That's because it is fact that he IS a racist and his comments throughout the years (the McNabb episode on ESPN being a perfect example) have been ringing through and through. This time it caught up with him and good for Dave Checketts (Chairman of NHL Hockey's St. Louis Blues), the leader of the group bidding for the ownership of the Rams, for putting this to rest quickly.
Here's hoping we don't have to endure any more of this nonsense regarding Rush Limbaugh. And once again, good for the city of St. Louis and the NFL.
More important, good for the United States of America.
Maybe we are making some progress after all.


  1. Finally!! Rush is getting a taste of his own nasty medicine. Wonder how he feels about that. I wish the GOP would stand up against him too.

  2. Yes he sure is a racist pig and has proven that more than once. And thank God he cannot be part of owning the St. Louis Rams! Speaking of the Rams, maybe this will fire them up and they can win a game! I hope so!