Sunday, March 14, 2010

AP Report: Ditka glad he turned down 2004 bid against Obama

Former NFL Hall-of-Famer and coach Mike Ditka says he has no regrets about his passing up Republican party overtures to run against Barack Obama for U.S. Senate in 2004.
Da Coach said he thought about it for perhaps two days or so before declining the offer.
"The hypocrisy of both parties" is what annoys Ditka about politics, he said.
"You are not there to represent a party, a special interest. You're there to represent America, the people that elected you. They (politicians) don't do that. I'm sorry, they don't do it!
"And you can't make all these promises when you're a candidate, and none of them happen."


  1. Iron Mike sounds like a very smart man. Did you make it to Indy for the tournament Jim? Sad news about Illinois today :(

  2. Da Coach, he knows politics.
    Yes, Indy was a great time Rae... Illini fell short but, Ohio State looks like a legit Final Four contender.
    They (OSU) will be in the toughest Regional with Kansas, Maryland and Georgetown.