Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's your status?

Blogging on the internet is certainly interesting.
There are many avenues to explore. Whether it be sports, politics, general topics, you name it and it is there.
A friend of mine recently asked me of this site and why I (or for that matter) or anyone bothers to blog about topics or themselves and what they are doing.
This came via facebook in a private message and I felt compelled to blog about this very subject.
This site deals primarily with sports and political views.
On occasion, heftyinfo strays from the norm and posts funny or sarcastic pictures of current political events and attempts to present them in a humorous fashion.
There are surely plenty of people who may get a chuckle out of these pictures and there also may be some who get offended because it does not represent their views.
That's okay because that is what blogging is all about.
That was the general message sent back to the individual who questioned the motives of bloggers.
What is your status on your own blog if you do blog at all?
Recently upon surfing the web, I discovered many new sites I had not checked out in the past and had a look-see, which is called trolling.
When one leaves comments on these sites (anonymously is the norm) they are referred to as "trolls".
That's funny because this site has had many trolls come along during the past nine months or so since heftyinfo was created.
It does seem there are a lot of bloggers who simply report on the everyday goings on in their lives and even they will get the trolls who may or may not have something nice to say about what they viewed and/or read.
On this site, there are numerous blogs listed that are "followed" on a regular basis by myself and they seem to have their regular "followers" as well.
This site doesn't get so many followers simply because "hot" topics are discussed (especially political topics) and many people simply will not comment on politics/religion and even sports these days.
Such is life and as long as the blogosphere remains open and free to surf, that will continue to be the case.
In the meantime, keep on blogging and surfing (or trolling if you prefer) and let us all hope that the rumors of more monitoring of the internet are just that ...
only rumors.


  1. Hey you strayed off subject again LOL, just kidding. I couldn't agree with you more about blogging and I guess that one person that asked you about blogging doesn't blog and so doesn't get it. That is ok, right?

    We can't take these things too seriously, I mean to the point of obsessiveness (and I do know of some bloggers that are totally obsessed with their blogs). So, Jim I hope you just keep on doing what your doing and stray off topic any time you want. Sports, politics, and a little of this and a little of that is fine with me!

    Oh you asked what is my blogger status...uhm, at the present time, it seems to be dormant! Time flies and before you know it--oops I haven't blogged in awhile! Hopefully I can learn to better manage my time soon and not go so long without blogging, reading blogs, commenting, etc!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Yes John, good to see you back at it again.
    I know the person well that asked me about the subject of blogging and NO... they don't blog.
    I know what you mean about time flying by and sometimes we can can get "writer's block" as well.
    You keep up the good work as well at "John Abuzz".