Saturday, March 27, 2010

What a long, strange trip it's been

The Final Four for the NCAA Basketball Tournament is halfway set as Butler and West Virginia earned their spots in the spotlight next weekend in Indianapolis.
On Sunday, Duke will play Baylor in the South Regional final and Michigan State takes on Tennessee in the Midwest Regional final to complete the Final Four.
What a strange tournament this has been this year.
Starting with the mega upsets (too many to pinpoint) in the opening two days and the biggest shocker of all in Day Three with Northern Iowa (number nine seed) knocking Kansas, the top team in the land at the time, out of the brackets.
Who would have thought Michigan State, having lost to Minnesota in the Big Ten tourney two weeks ago, would be battling Tennessee (another underachiever in the regular season) for the right to face the mighty Butler Bulldogs and their 24 game winning streak?
Duke, another team that doesn't really impress, is a win away from their first Final Four appearance in six years.
If the number-one seed Blue Devils can top the Baylor Bears, they will head to Indianapolis to face the West Virginia Mountaineers, which is the final Big East school left in the tournament after eight teams overall from that conference earned a spot in the dance.
Not bad for a team whose coach (Bob Huggins) does not wear a suit and tie on the sidelines like the other 64 coaches in this tourney do.
Just asking, but does anyone know why that is?
Huggins never wears a suit. Is this for medical purposes or something?
Maybe that chip on the shoulder attitude will parlay into a national championship for the Mountaineers.
Personally, I'd like to see Butler, which is located in Indianapolis, win it all.
Last year, there was NO DOUBT which team was the best.
North Carolina rolled into the Final Four and then dominated highly touted Villanova and smashed surprising Michigan State in the Championship game two days later.
This year has proved to be a dart board thrower (meaning ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN) in that only one top seed remains and they are certainly no lock to get to the Final Four.
We could see Michigan State playing Butler and West Virginia against Baylor next week. Perhaps Tennessee vs. Butler and WVU against Duke as well.
The tournament is a great time and they have been talking about possible expansion to 96 teams.
If it ain't broke, then don't fix it.
But that is why they play the games and also why we call it "March Madness."
Fasten your seat belts for the wild finish.


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  2. Phil... you really need to get a computer and start your own blog site LOL
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    Check back with me in a year or two and let me know how things are then.

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  6. This post was a basketball story... so if anyone wants to post comments on the NCAA tournament on THIS POST... feel free to do so and don't mind my buddy Phil... he gets excited about things he's told on the right wing talking points.
    As for the woman formerly known as the Governor of Alaska (until she quit)... and people actually paying to hear that nonsense... Mr. T summed it all up... I pity the fool! LMFAO

  7. Hey Jim - you are the best!! Give em all you got. As I first started to write before I had to read the head-buried-in-their-asses comments above, it has been a wild ride to the final four. My bracketology sucked this year. Butler - can you believe it? My hubby had them there. They are minutes from Lucas Oil Stadium. It is going to be exciting. I am still trying to figure out old Huggie Bear and why he doesn't wear a suit. Never did at Cincy either. Must make for a quicker getaway to the celebratory bottle afterwards. I still like the guy though. One last though - what the hell happened to the 'mighty' Big East this year? Except for WVU they folded and did it against lower ranked teams. Amazing stuff. I love the game!

  8. Rae... yes the Big East did have their troubles this year. But again, that is why they have to play the games.
    Don't mind my friend Phil (I've known him for years) he just parrots the right wing talking points. Actually, he's a real good hearted guy.
    Like yourself, my bracket is done, finito, kaput!
    Have a great day.