Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here we go again?

With the signing of free agents around the National Football League, and the draft still some six weeks away, optimism abounds around the league, including here in Chicago.
The Bears signed three free agents this past week, including big names such as Julius Peppers (Defensive End) and running back Chester Taylor, who has been Adrian Peterson's sidekick in Minnesota the past three years.
The New York Jets inked cornerback Antonio Cromartie and probably feel they now have a "hands off" policy against opposing passing attacks with Darelle Revis already in the fold at the other corner spot.
Likewise in Baltimore, where the Ravens, known for their lethargic offense, signed wide receiver Anquan Boldin away from the Cardinals to hopefully bring some excitement to their team.
Let's face it, watching Baltimore play football (at least on offense) is like watching paint dry.
Same goes for the Jets, all defense and very little offense.
In Chicago, the Bears are going for broke it seems after all the money they spent to ink Peppers and Taylor to help quarterback Jay Cutler resurrect that franchise.
Not so fast ...
Super Bowls are never won in the off-season, except maybe in the weight rooms as players stay in shape for the grind that is the NFL season.
If football continues to be like baseball in regard to free agency and these players jumping all over the place, then the NFL just might begin to lose some of it's swagger as the king of all sports in the United States. Look at the problems baseball has had as a result of the big money being tossed around over the past thirty or so years.
Numerous work stoppages and already there are great rumblings of just that happening in 2011 for the NFL as well.
In baseball, there are only a handful of teams that really compete each year for the title and the New York Yankees won (or is that bought?) another title last season.
Do football fans really want to see the New Yorks and other major markets dominate the sport like the Yankees and Red Sox have done so in baseball during the past decade?
The NFL should cool it's jets and just let the game "market" itself rather than trying to tweak things and just end up with an eventual mess like baseball has had over the years regarding the lack of competitiveness in the sport.
Let's face it, rooting for the New York Yankees is like rooting for IBM or some other corporate giant and where is the fun in that?
So while it may be exciting to see the new faces coming to your favorite teams right now, the problems will rear their ugly heads most assuredly as the progress continues and the smaller market teams are squeezed more and more.
If that happens, then the letters in NFL will literally stand for the "No Fun League."
And that will be no fun for any fans.

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