Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's Your Move House Republicans

Now that the United States Senate has passed their version of a "fiscal cliff" bill, it is now up to the Republican majority ruled U.S. House of Representatives to do the same with the measure and send it along to President Barack Obama so it can become law.
The taxes would finally go up on the top income earners (reportedly anyone making $400,000 plus) in the United States and the Middle Class would still have a tax break at the current rates.
Actually, this is NOT a tax increase because the Bush tax cuts were set to "sunset" or expire two years ago.
The current 35 percent rate would go up to 39 percent (where it was under President Bill Clinton) on the top two percent of people in this country and there are also some concessions from both sides over spending cuts in different areas, including military budget spending as well as so called entitlement programs.
So now, it is wait and see as the GOP twiddles their collective thumbs under the leadership of Speaker John Boehner and leaders Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan (remember him?) over this issue.
It is a new year and maybe the Republicans can get over the fact they are resentful they lost big time in the elections two months ago.
As Boehner would say, "The American people have spoken."
Now do something for those people.

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