Wednesday, January 30, 2013


WTF . . .                                                                   

Wayne LaPierre (NRA President)

Paul Ryan (losing VP candidate on the Republican ticket for 2012)

Marco Rubio (Republican U.S. Senator from Florida)

John McCain (grumpy old man)

Harry Reid (spineless Democratic  U.S. Senate majority leader)

Mitch McConnell (aka Mitch McTurtle)

ABC News (ignoring the shootings in Phoenix, AZ today)

Rush Limbaugh (mocking DEAD school children from the Newtown, CT GUN MASSACRE)

Sean Hannity (need I say more?)

Fox & Friends (mocking President Obama's Inaugural Address)

Fox News (do I have to explain why?)

WCPT-AM 820 radio in Chicago (Your management team is really screwing up a good thing with all the unnecessary changes in programming)

Obama Administration (for ignoring once again the Employee Free Choice Act)

ESPN (for over exposure of Ray Lewis)

Rocky Wirtz (for bashing the NHL Players Union when it was you and your fellow owners responsible for the LOCKOUT)

NRA supporters (when you gonna stop - when it's  too late and one of your loved ones is shot dead!? RESPONSIBILITY LAWS NOW!!!)

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