Friday, January 11, 2013

NFL PLAYOFFS - Divisional Round Preview

After last week's Wild Card action, the next level of competition is now here and the four home teams are favored to advance to next week's Conference championship games.
That being said, look for some surprises in this round as in year's past. Last year the New York Giants stunned the mighty Green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field. And of course, twice in this round the heavily favored San Diego Chargers lost at home to inferior teams (Patriots in 2006 and Jets in 2009) as did the Indianapolis Colts (lost to San Diego) AND Dallas Cowboys (lost to NY Giants) in 2007.
Don't forget 2008, when the NFC was turned upside down with both the Carolina Panthers (losing to Arizona) and the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants (losing to Philadelphia) going down at home in this round.
Heftyinfo was 4-for-4 last week picking the games and here's the capsule style previews for this weekend's Divisional Round games.


Green Bay at San Francisco - The Packers get a shot at redemption against one of the best defenses in the NFL. The 49ers lost at home last season in the NFC title game, so there are no guarantees here.

Seattle at Atlanta - The Falcons have become the San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys of the post-season in recent years by losing early on in the playoffs. The Seahawks are still riding the magic carpet with a rookie quarterback.


Baltimore at Denver - The Ravens are trying to win it all for retiring linebacker Ray Lewis. The Broncos, led by Comeback Player of the Year Peyton Manning, are just plain good.

Houston at New England - The Patriots thoroughly crushed the Texans on Monday Night Football five weeks ago. Can they do it again?

Heftyinfo selections for Divisional Round of NFL Playoffs . . .

San Francisco over Green Bay
Atlanta over Seattle
Denver over Baltimore
New England over Houston

Last Week's Record: 4-0


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