Sunday, April 27, 2014

Looking Back

Looking back at the past five years of this blog site (Heftyinfo started on May 13, 2009) a lot has happened in this world, both politically and in the sports world.
There are many other blog sites and bloggers that have been associates of mine throughout these five years as well.
Fellow sports blogger Carlos (Sportaholic blog and producer of Sportaholic Radio show) is one who comes to mind when it comes to the "first love" of this site, which is sports. He doesn't blog too much these days as he has gone into other venues in the sports world, covering the teams in Memphis, Tennessee.
Another blogger is Bob (I Should Be Laughing) who is a true progressive and it isn't afraid to show his true colors and wears it on his sleeve as he churns out several posts daily on his blog site. He is a real trooper and has a great site.
There are several others, but four or five people come to mind as two still blog (one regularly and one not as much these days) with Cut and Dry putting out stylish posts from Betty, who has a ton of followers to her site. Bruce isn't real active these days with his site (Coltin1948) but when he does put up a post, it is worth checking out. This man has a way with words.
Three others who fell off the horizon on the blogosphere since 2009 include Rae, John and Lesley, who were very active and then just stopped blogging.
John (John Abuzz) is a big St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan who was into celebrity gossip for the most part on his site, along with other topics, but hasn't blogged regularly since three years ago. As for Lesley (My Turn To Rant and My Turn To Talk) she found employment down in Texas and as life goes, stopped blogging about the corrupt politicians of this country. She always did it with real wit as she ripped the GOP and in particular, those in the state of Texas.
Rae (The Olde Weather Vane) was a blogger friend who would comment frequently here as I would also do on her site, which featured personal stories and stunning photos of her residence and hometown in Illinois. Rae is a retired RN and perhaps her health was in decline as she does battle MS and showed great strength and fortitude posting on her site while attending to family and friends on a daily basis.
For whatever reasons, she stopped blogging and fell out of (blogging) touch with this site and several others two years ago.
When that happens you stop and wonder how these people are doing these days. John and Bob both are on social media sites and we keep in contact there too.
Blogging is a hobby for me and while the posts haven't been as frequent in 2014 as in years past (very busy these days with work schedule and other activities in life) this site will continue to monitor the political world with lively perspective and of course, sports will be covered.
It's good to check out other blogs and and explore some new sites to see how people are feeling on various subjects and topics, but at the same time there is a time and place (as John once said on his site) so one doesn't become obsessed with blogging.
So, in the meantime, keep blogging my friends and looking forward to the new posts out there when the opportunity comes.
And once again, thanks for all the support for this site over the past five years and looking forward to more in the next five and beyond.

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