Saturday, April 19, 2014

NBA - Playoffs Preview

Who's ready for a rematch of last year's exciting NBA Finals that went seven games?
That may be the case as the top seeded San Antonio Spurs (62-20) rule the Western Conference and the Miami Heat (54-28), the second seed in the Eastern Conference, look to get back to the Finals once again.
The Spurs' Big Three of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili against Miami's Big Three of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.
There are some good matchups in the first round of the playoffs and it should be interesting to see what happens during the next two months of these playoffs.
The following offers a capsule style breakdown of the opening rounds in each conference and then the picks for the Finals and an eventual champion for the 2013-14 season.


Atlanta Hawks (38-44) vs. Indiana Pacers (56-26) - Pacers should win this series after a severe late season slump. (Pacers in five games)

Charlotte Bobcats (43-39) vs. Miami Heat (54-28) - Heat rolls! (Heat in four)

Brooklyn Nets (44-38) vs. Toronto Raptors (48-34) - The lower seeded Nets are actually a slight favorite to win this series ... it could happen. (Nets in seven)

Washington Wizards (44-38) vs. Chicago Bulls (48-34) - The amazing Bulls (without star player Derek Rose) continue to play great basketball and should advance. (Bulls in six)


Dallas Mavericks (49-33) vs. San Antonio Spurs (62-20) - The Spurs are on a mission to claim what was theirs to win last season. (Spurs in five games)

Memphis Grizzlies (50-32) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (59-23) - This series could go either way, but look for the Thunder to move on in the playoffs. (Thunder in five)

Golden State Warriors (51-31) vs. Los Angeles Clippers (57-25) - Expect a long series with the possibility of the underdog Warriors moving on. (Warriors in six)

Portland Trailblazers (54-28) vs. Houston Rockets (54-28) - Another West playoff series that could go the entire seven games to determine a winner. Toss up in this one. (Blazers in six)

Predictions for the rest of the playoffs . . .


Semi Finals - Indiana over Chicago in seven games.  Miami over Brooklyn in five games.

Conference Final Miami over Indiana in six games.


Semi Finals - San Antonio over Portland in six games.  Oklahoma City over Golden State in six games.

Conference Final - San Antonio over Oklahoma City in seven games.

                                                                       NBA FINALS

                                                San Antonio Spurs over Miami Heat in six games.  

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