Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Stew of Topics

For the first time in quite some time, here's a heaping of some "Sunday Stew" on a far range of topics  . . . . .

The Illinois race for governor is certainly heating up as embattled incumbent Pat Quinn (Democrat) and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner, a vulture capitalist who has never held any kind of public office and who made his fortune off the backs of others just like  Mitt Romney, went at each other in the first of many debates until the election in early November ... stay tuned.

The 2014  Major League Baseball season opened up recently and from all indications, it looks like it will be yet another unpredictable season. (The Chicago Cubs are off to a rocky start once again while the White Sox seem to be improved on offense) The hottest team in the early going is the Milwaukee Brewers, who won their eighth straight game last night, and are off to a league best 9-2 start.

How about those Republicans in the U.S. Congress? Not only does Paul Ryan's budget propose to decimate programs that literally millions of Americans benefit from, but that Republican twerp from Wisconsin also wants to give the top one percent income earners yet another tax cut. The good news is that even though it breezed through the GOP controlled House, it is DOA in the Senate, where (THANK GOD) the Democratic party still has the majority control.

Speaking of which, what is with the so called "mainstream" corporate media mind fucking the American people about this November's mid-term elections? The way these corporate puppets are talking, the Republicans are already in control of the U.S. Senate.  God forbid that should happen!

The U.S. Supreme Court needs revamping, or at least the rules regarding said court. Since when are they the "kings and queens" of this land of ours? They seem to take up cases (Citizens United in 2010 and more recently this joke called McCutcheon) that allow the uber rich to take over our political process... Hell, why not just install feudal lords and allow them to call the rest of us "serfs" and just get it over with already.

If the Dems had any semblance of a spine,  and that includes President Barack Obama, they would tell their Republican counterparts to go straight to hell regarding the policies this country is enacting because the American people (for the SECOND TIME) overwhelmingly voted Obama as POTUS, in spite of the SCOTUS decisions allowing the floodgates of money to pervert the elections.

Another observation here is that the entertainment world (TV, movies, sports, etc.) seems to be on board with the mentality of the corporate masterhood. Just look at the shows that are on these days... Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Hell on Wheels, Walking Dead, etc. plus the disgusting trend for major media outlets such as ESPN giving regular coverage to crap like ultimate fighting and the like. Not to mention the fact that the sports stadiums change their names regularly as a different corporation puts it's name and logo on the front gate marquee.

Regarding sports, it should be interesting to see how this year's NBA and NHL playoffs go along. The obvious choice for the Stanley Cup Finals is the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues, although the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks will have something to say about that. In the NBA, look for a possible repeat of last year's Finals between the Miami Heat and the ageless San Antonio Spurs, the team with the best record this season.

In closing, how high will gas prices go this summer around the country (already at $4.09_9 here in Chicagoland area) as the Wall Street speculators continue to drive the price of oil up and up on futures? Don't be surprised if you see the prices shooting as high as FIVE DOLLARS A GALLON this summer.

In the meantime, get out and enjoy yourselves as the weather gets better around the nation and we head toward the good old summertime.

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